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oil can, burette d'huile, Ölkanne, oliatore, oljekanna

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Walker & Loach Ltd

Established 1840
Founder Thomas Walker
Adress(es) Old Priory, Great Charles Street (till the 1880's)
Erskine Street, Vauxhall, Birmingham
Operations Sheet metal pressing and tinplate factory
Production program Metal cabinets, storage boxes, lanterns & oil cans walker_loach_1.jpg
Brief history 1840 Established by Thomas Walker. His son Albert joined later.
1880 Thomas Loach joined the company in contributing previous experience in the weighing scales and lamp manufacturing industry
Status 2021 Inactive - closed in the late 1950’s
Oil can history According to current research items manufactured were not sold under the own name. They carried mostly the brand name of either the wholesaler or customer they have been contract manufactured for.
Most prominent examples are the MAC-STAN stamped oil cans with flexible spout and references to two patents from the early 1920’s (see pictures and documents below).

In addition to the above stamp some oil cans and other items produced carry a „Made in England“ logo as shown to the right. Although it is not 100% confirmed this stamp to be solely used by Walker & Loach I found at least one other (non-Mac-Stan) oil can that appears in their catalogue that carries solely this logo (see pictures below).
Oil Cans oil_can_mac_stan.jpg
Patents The MAC-STAN stamp mentions two patents:
# 107166-16
# 188591-22
# 107166-16 (granted June 21st, 1917 to Hector Mac Farlane) patent_uk_00107166.jpg
# 188591-22 (granted November 16th, 1922 to William John Dawes) patent_uk_00188591.jpg
Catalogue page(s) Mac Stan Oiler w_l1.jpg
Poker Oil Can w_l2.jpg
Cycle Oil Can w_l3.jpg
Sewing Machine Oil Cans w_l7.jpg
Pump and Gravity Feed Oiler w6l4.jpg
Adverts Mac-Stan Oilcans w_l6.jpg
Poker Oil Can w_l5.jpg
Thanks to: Martin, the great-grandson of Thomas Loach. He provided his research results and most of the documents shown and has given permission to publish them here.
Further references His website
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