Fine oil cans

oil can, burette d'huile, Ölkanne, oliatore, oljekanna

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You may copy and use any of the content of this web site free of charge provided you make a clear link on your web site or printed matter to ’© - The history of fine oil cans' as the source of that information. You may not re-sell the information unless it is included as part of a larger publication such as a book of which you are the author. I endeavour to ensure that the information I publish is free of other copyrights but it is essential that you check this for yourself before using. It is never my intention to deliberately infringe the copyright of any other person or organisation. If you have any concerns that I may have inadvertently infringed any rights then please contact me and I will investigate and take whatever action is necessary to rectify. This website is strictly non-profit making and my only concern is to preserve information for future generations (educational purpose).

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The images on my web site are low resolution. If you require Hi-res versions then it may be possible to supply these if the original document remains in my possession. You will need to be aware of the Copyright terms before re-publishing. If you would like a Hi-res version then contact me to ensure that the publication is still available. In order to acquire further material for this website I will charge 5€ per Hi-Res document page or picture provided.

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