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oil can, burette d'huile, Ölkanne, oliatore, oljekanna

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Welcome to my webpage!

After passing the hurdle of 600 follower on Instagram @greasenippelx I am now trying to establish a permanent home for my collection of oil cans. I have been collecting oil cans and related documents from all over the world for more than 30 years and now I want to share my knowledge and encourage other collectors to contribute content (text, pictures, document scans) to this digital collection. My intent is to set up a space for collectors and enthusiasts of industrial history, mainly for the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and France with the intent to map oil cans to their manufacturers/wholesalers and related patents (if applicable).

So you will find here

I am interested in scans of letterheads, catalogues and advertisements till the 1960’s. The more modern oil cans did not really capture my interest and I leave it to someone else to collect more recent material. Neither did the bigger standard oil cans that find their home in the Petroliana hobby corner.

A little disclaimer: I have no commercial interest and the shown oil cans and documents are not for sale. However, I am interested if you have something to sell that might fit well into my collection.

I am not perfect and a DokuWiki newbie, so feedback to <fineoilcans(at)gmx(dot)de> is always wellcome. You can use Google to translate this page to your mother tongue.

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