Fine oil cans

oil can, burette d'huile, Ölkanne, oliatore, oljekanna

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Oil Cans & Art

The shape and design of oil cans has not only inspired me! Please find below some examples of what gifted people did with it:

Harold J. Ross

… one of his pictures is on my wish-list for Christmas

Artist: Harold J. Ross is an American fine art photographer, best known for his fine art photography work in the light-painting method. The copyright of the pictures below is with Harold Ross!
Work examples: bearing_with_oil_cans_lb.jpg
oil_can_still_life_4_lb.jpg oil_cans_1.jpg oil_cans_2.jpg
still_life_with_oil_can_and_steel_ball_lb.jpg oil_can_and_brass_ring_.jpg

David Trautrimas

… he created the ideal place for my oil can collection

The New York Times review of “Habitat Machines” by Penelope Green mentioned 2009 about the artist (shortened):

David Trautrimas, a 30-year old Canadian artist, takes apart old kitchen mixers, hole punchers, waffle irons, staplers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and other household objects; photographs the pieces; and them “re-assembles” them digitally, into what he calls “Habitat Machines”. With their industrial steampunk aesthetic and looming, animated postures, his machines would fit nicely into the sets of Terry Gilliam's clanking dystopia “Brazil”. Or perhaps post-crash Dubai.The copyright of the picture below is with David Trautrimas!
Mr. Trautrimas became interested in the idea of creating fanciful dwellings unfettered by zoning ordinances or the laws of physics, he said, after noting the blandness of most residential development. “What Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are doing on a commercial scale would be so cool if it was happening residentially” he said.
His amazing website:
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